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JUDY VAMP-SHIRE Vampire Rock Singer & Horror Hostess

Welcome to the website of Judy Vamp-Shire. Vampire, Rock Singer, Horror and TV Hostess from the DarkSide!

Judy Vamp-Shire (also know as The Devils Daughter) is an English Vamp Rock Singer and TV Hostess who has emerged from her Dark World to pray on us mortals! With sexy haunting attributes, both physically and vocal, Judy Vamp-Shire draws you in to her dark but so very tempting world with a mystical magnet which she calls Vamp Rock. Vamp Rock is a mixture of original high energy atmospheric Rock Songs and haunting Rock Ballads with dark lyrics. Sung by a Vampire singing about Vampires, Witches, Black Magic and the Dark Side! Judy Vamp-Shire's 1st 4 song EP titled The Devils Daughter was released on September 2012, she followed this with her Epic Album Beyond Imagination released

on 8th October 2013. Beyond Imagination are perfect words to portray Judy's unique, distinct and sometimes haunting vocals which along with her original music described as Epic by many in the music business has given Judy Vamp-Shire a worldwide fan base. As you would expect of a Vampire, Judy has performed live in concert at Castles, Haunted Mansions, Stately Home's, even a Chapel, in addition to music venues, 5* hotels, private events and corporate functions with her Band. Judy is also available for Studio, Touring and other Musical Projects working with industry professionals around the World as well as TV, Film, Acting and Hosting work. 

In recent years Judy Vamp-Shire has been working on various projects. In 2016 Judy started working on her TV Show hosting Horror Movies called Nightmares From The Vampires Lair. Having finished the series of Nightmares From The Vampires Lair Judy started filming another TV Show, a series of Spooky Horror Documentaries where Judy investigates legends and mysteries of vampires, witches, black magic, hauntings and other spooky stuff. Traveling to locations around the UK and Europe visiting castles, haunted places, ruins, places with a dark past and other spooky locations. These documentaries will be available to watch at the end of 2019. Judy Vamp-Shire has also launched a Cooking Show from her Vampires Kitchen in 2019. She has been filming several new music videos which will be released around Halloween season in 2019. Hosted a Horror Documentary called Haxan which was released in the summer of 2019 as well as a number of other short videos released during 2019. With many more new things coming up during the end of 2019 and through 2020 including more live music events and tv/video shows it promises to be a busy time for Judy Vamp-Shire.

Judy Vamp-Shire’s versatility as a singer has seen her cover many different genres of music through her career including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Soul, Musicals, Disco and more! Over the years she has performed in venues including headlining concerts at Castles, Stately Homes, Cabaret Clubs, Nightclubs, 5* Hotels, Music Venues, Private Parties, Weddings and Corporate Functions Singing her own original music as well as covering other peoples hits.

Judy Vamp-Shire has fans across the global in almost every country on the planet. Judy’s largest collection of fans are in the United States Of America. Where her Original Vamp Rocks songs and her Vampire lifestyle have been wooing an ever growing army of fans! As has her Horror Hosting and other dark endeavours like Judy’s vampire cooking shows. Although Judy Vamp-Shire has her biggest fanbase in the USA she also has fans in most countries around the world.

Judy Vamp-Shire's Music Video and TV Promo Videos Below. You will find more videos on the Video page 

This introduction to Judy Vamp-Shire's youtube channel shows some short video clips from her music, horror hosting and cooking shows. Judy Vampire Shire's music videos include her own original genre of Vamp Rock which is a mix of high energy classic rock and rock ballads, plus some covers of other rock and blues songs.
Video for Judy Vamp-Shire's Song called One Kiss (2016). This is a song about Vampires and as you probably know it only takes one kiss!

http://www.internet-tv.rocks This is the introduction for Judy Vamp-Shire's TV Documentaries about Legends and Mysteries. For these documentaries Judy Vamp-Shire will be investigating the dark history of castles, haunted places and many other spooky locations. Where she will be digging deep into their dark past and telling you their stories about ghosts, demons, vampires, murders, gruesome legends and much more.

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Beyond Imagination Album Review

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