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It's A New Day, It's A New Dawn And I'm feeling Good!

I listened to an old recording I made of Feeling Good this morning and it has given me inspiration to start the week with a fresh mind and outlook on life. I have a great day ahead, walked Vamplena early this morning, then visited the gym and now getting ready to film some more stuff for my new series of tv documentaries about the legends and mysteries of old castles, haunted places and other spooky stuff! You will be able to watch these documentaries as they are released starting end of February/early March on this website and www.internet-tv.rocks website. They will also be aired on some cable tv stations at a later date, but why wait when I can get them to you quicker? Love, Judy xxx

Facebook Has Removed My Public and Personal Pages!

Saturday 5th February 2017 I tried to log in to my Facebook account only to find my account and both of my Facebook pages, personal and public have been deleted by Facebook with no explanation or warning. To my knowledge I have not broken any Facebook rules and even if I have without knowing, it must be a minor offence I was unaware of? Whatever the reason it has been a wake up smell the coffee moment for me. Between my 2 Facebook pages I had over 10,000 friends, fans and followers and a very active personal page with dozens of comments and likes on every post and sometimes likes in the hundreds. To think that Facebook can without warning and any obvious reason remove an artist in the public eye who relies on social media to keep their fans updated is almost a criminal act in my opinion. Its power and control over people like myself who have absolutely no control of, or even anyway of reversing or appealing as you could in a court of law! This could happen to any one of you, it is major corporate business exercising total control over everyday people, businesses and artists like myself who have come to rely on social media as their communication platform in the 21st century world we live in. It could potentially stop an artist or business dead in their tracks depending just how much they rely on their social media to communicate with their customers and fanbase. No communication no business? I now intend to make better use of my website and update it on a daily basis, Plus make improvements so my followers can have a great experience keeping up with my latest updates, photos, video, news, etc. I am looking into ways I can make this website a more interactive experience and ways for people to communicate with me directly as they did on Facebook. So please check in daily to see what i'm up to. You can also make comments and give me likes below each post, just look for the red text. You are welcome to email me directly at shireajudy10@aol.com with personal messages and I will do my best to respond the same day/evening when possible. Thanks for all your love and support. Judy Vamp-Shire xxx

Surely this lovable chick cannot be considered a danger to the Facebook community?

Surely this lovable chick cannot be considered a danger to the Facebook community?

The beginning of a new year 2017

It's a new year and looks like it will be a busy one for me? 2016 launched my new TV Show Hosting Horror Movies called Nightmares From The Vampires Lair. The end of 2016 also had me starting the filming another new TV Show which is a series of documentaries about legends, ghosts, hauntings, vampires, witches and mysteries. At various locations around the UK and Europe including Castles, Haunted Houses, and other weird and spooky places! In December 2016 I was filming some stuff at Warwick Castle in the UK and various locations on the Spanish Island of Tenerife which is just off the coast of Africa. Most of the tourist that visit Tenerife have no idea that it has a dark past with legends of Vampires, Witches, Ghosts and other strange things! I arrived back in the UK just in time for Christmas but was unfortunately sick from Christmas Eve through to the start of the new year in January. It must have been all that blood and wild times I had in Tenerife? I'm now fully recovered and have starting filming more stuff for the documentaries this week. When the filming for the series of documentaries is finished I have to make a decision if I should move forward with a 3rd TV offer or perhaps take a break for a few months from filming and hit the road with my Band and Tour the USA? But for now i'm going to make these documentaries the craziest, funniest, spookiest you have ever seen. So buckle up this is going to be an awesome ride, the 1st documentary should launch late February 2017. I will update you near the time.  Love, Judy Vamp-Shire <3 xxx

http://www.internet-tv.rocks This is a short taster of whats to come in Judy Vamp-Shire's new series of Television Documentaries. Where Judy investigates legends and mysteries about Vampires, Witches, Ghosts, Black Magic, Murders, Hauntings and other Spooky Tales! Who better than our Queen of the Dark Judy Vamp-Shire to head off on some crazy adventures around the UK and Europe.

November News

November has seen me finish the current series of Nightmares From The Vampires Lair. The TV Show where I host Horror Movies from my Vampires Liar plus other weird and spooky places. Sometimes with help from Vamplena my faithful fury friend! the Show can be watch on the Vamp Shire TV page on my website, on the Internet TV Rocks website and next year will be available to watch on selected cable TV stations in the USA and other countries around the World. 

So what else have I been doing! Well, I still do the occasional music gig at private events. I know so many of my fans have been asking when i'm going to do some public concerts and tour? I am in talks with my management and other promotors looking into doing some gigs in 2017. I'm also really wanting to tour the USA in 2017. So these are all things being worked on behind the scenes. When I have some gigs/tours booked I will be updating everyone. One fan messaged me the other day and asked, Judy why don't you tour, you have so many fans like me wanting to see you? Plus I have had dozens of other messages like this every month, so why has it been so long since I have done any public events and why only private events? Especially when I have so many people wanting to come and see me. First I want you all to know I love you all and seriously want to get out and hit the road. As you know I have been busy this year working on TV stuff, so this has restricted my availability. The other problem for me is that my live shows/gigs have become very expensive to put on. With all of my stage props, equipment, road crew, transport, overnight stays, expenses and my band members who are all professional musicians who don't work for free! It now costs a lot of money for me to put on a good show and most promotors want bands who will either pay to play, do the gig for free or some beer money! This is the sad reality of the music business, its feast or famine. The big names earn huge amounts of money and the artists like me who have not reached the big time are lucky to get even a crumb! So the private events offer the only gigs which pay enough to cover my expenses and sometimes even make a few extra £s/$s. Having said all this, its still a numbers game and hopefully with the extra exposure the TV Shows will give me I may just be able to get enough bums on seats to make my public concerts financially viable and perhaps enough money to buy a big mac on the way home! Thats if I have any room left in my tummy after drinking all that blood at the after show party? So hopefully it will not be long before you see me back out on the road.

What else is new and coming up? Well, since I started filming the TV Show, I have had several offers of other TV Shows. The next one of which we start filming THIS WEEK, yippee! Is a documentary series where you get to see and listen to me for most of the program. Well, everyone has been asking for more Judy than you get to see in the Nightmares From The Vampires Lair. So what is this documentary series about? It has me traveling around the UK visiting places which have legends, ghosts, vampires, mysteries and spooky goings on. Telling you all about the stories and exploring the locations, which will include Castles, Haunted Houses, Cemeteries, Ancient Ruins, Secret Places and many very Unusual Locations. These Shows will go live in early 2017 and I will be uploading some teaser videos just before Christmas. 

Other forthcoming TV Shows for 2017. We are also in talks finalising several other shows. The Shows on offer include me hosting a Music Show and a Show which includes Scary and funny Prank videos.

OK, thats the 1st of my updates on my new Blog page. Please feel free to leave comments and messages on this page. Love, Judy Vamp-Shire xxx

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