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Judy Vamp-Shire Has Escaped From Facebook Prison

Last night I was freed from Facebook prison with an apology but no reason given for Facebook removing both my Facebook pages for 3 days before reinstating them. They should know better than to fuck with a Vampire, these things can come back to bite you! Anyway thats over and its turned out to be a good thing, as my manager said you can turn any disaster in to a positive thing. So here I am now with a new, news page here on my website where you can post comments, likes and even share my posts on your social media like Facebook. To do this just click on the red buttons under every post. When you leave me a comment as soon as I see it I will reply to your comment just like I do on Facebook. Don't forget you can look round the rest of my website and listed to my music, even buy it if you want? Watch my music videos and tv shows. Contact me and my management for bookings, etc. I have a page where I will post your videos if you ask me nicely and promise to love me for ever? So please come and visit me here every day, leave me comments and we can chat. 

So what have I been doing today? Had an early start walked Vamplena through the woods, went shopping and I am about to do some more filming for the tv documentaries in a couple of hours. Then after that is back out with Vamplena to the woods in the dark looking for some fresh victims as I'm out of fresh blood! See you soon love Judy xxx

Judy Vamp-Shire in Facebook Jail

Judy Vamp-Shire in Facebook Jail

Facebook Has Removed My Public and Personal Pages!

Saturday 5th February 2017 I tried to log in to my Facebook account only to find my account and both of my Facebook pages, personal and public have been deleted by Facebook with no explanation or warning. To my knowledge I have not broken any Facebook rules and even if I have without knowing, it must be a minor offence I was unaware of? Whatever the reason it has been a wake up smell the coffee moment for me. Between my 2 Facebook pages I had over 10,000 friends, fans and followers and a very active personal page with dozens of comments and likes on every post and sometimes likes in the hundreds. To think that Facebook can without warning and any obvious reason remove an artist in the public eye who relies on social media to keep their fans updated is almost a criminal act in my opinion. Its power and control over people like myself who have absolutely no control of, or even anyway of reversing or appealing as you could in a court of law! This could happen to any one of you, it is major corporate business exercising total control over everyday people, businesses and artists like myself who have come to rely on social media as their communication platform in the 21st century world we live in. It could potentially stop an artist or business dead in their tracks depending just how much they rely on their social media to communicate with their customers and fanbase. No communication no business? I now intend to make better use of my website and update it on a daily basis, Plus make improvements so my followers can have a great experience keeping up with my latest updates, photos, video, news, etc. I am looking into ways I can make this website a more interactive experience and ways for people to communicate with me directly as they did on Facebook. So please check in daily to see what i'm up to. You can also make comments and give me likes below each post, just look for the red text. You are welcome to email me directly at shireajudy10@aol.com with personal messages and I will do my best to respond the same day/evening when possible. Thanks for all your love and support. Judy Vamp-Shire xxx

Surely this lovable chick cannot be considered a danger to the Facebook community?

Surely this lovable chick cannot be considered a danger to the Facebook community?

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