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Preview Of My New TV Documentaries Investigating Legends & Mysteries

Did you know starting soon is my new TV series of documentaries where I will be investigating the legends and mysteries of historic castles, haunted houses, weird places and unusual locations. Places that have legends and mysteries of vampires, ghosts, murders, and all sorts of other demonic, scary, spooky stuff! This is going to a documentary series with a twist! It will be an historic look into our dark past with facts and stories that will send a shiver down your spine! But they have a crazy, eccentric vampire "me" doing it, so you know it is going to full of me being myself, totally off the wall at times and full of my funny quirky ways from start to finish. After hosting my horror movies a lot of people said, we want more Judy, well you're going to get me the whole way through each show! Here is a little taste of whats coming 

http://www.internet-tv.rocks This is a short taster of whats to come in Judy Vamp-Shire's new series of Television Documentaries. Where Judy investigates legends and mysteries about Vampires, Witches, Ghosts, Black Magic, Murders, Hauntings and other Spooky Tales! Who better than our Queen of the Dark Judy Vamp-Shire to head off on some crazy adventures around the UK and Europe.

Judy Vamp-Shire Rock Singer and TV HostesS

Beyond Imagination Album Review

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