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The beginning of a new year 2017

It's a new year and looks like it will be a busy one for me? 2016 launched my new TV Show Hosting Horror Movies called Nightmares From The Vampires Lair. The end of 2016 also had me starting the filming another new TV Show which is a series of documentaries about legends, ghosts, hauntings, vampires, witches and mysteries. At various locations around the UK and Europe including Castles, Haunted Houses, and other weird and spooky places! In December 2016 I was filming some stuff at Warwick Castle in the UK and various locations on the Spanish Island of Tenerife which is just off the coast of Africa. Most of the tourist that visit Tenerife have no idea that it has a dark past with legends of Vampires, Witches, Ghosts and other strange things! I arrived back in the UK just in time for Christmas but was unfortunately sick from Christmas Eve through to the start of the new year in January. It must have been all that blood and wild times I had in Tenerife? I'm now fully recovered and have starting filming more stuff for the documentaries this week. When the filming for the series of documentaries is finished I have to make a decision if I should move forward with a 3rd TV offer or perhaps take a break for a few months from filming and hit the road with my Band and Tour the USA? But for now i'm going to make these documentaries the craziest, funniest, spookiest you have ever seen. So buckle up this is going to be an awesome ride, the 1st documentary should launch late February 2017. I will update you near the time.  Love, Judy Vamp-Shire <3 xxx

http://www.internet-tv.rocks This is a short taster of whats to come in Judy Vamp-Shire's new series of Television Documentaries. Where Judy investigates legends and mysteries about Vampires, Witches, Ghosts, Black Magic, Murders, Hauntings and other Spooky Tales! Who better than our Queen of the Dark Judy Vamp-Shire to head off on some crazy adventures around the UK and Europe.

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